Singles Day on AliExpress 2020: the ultimate guide for the best 11.11 deals

Singles Day on AliExpress 2020: the ultimate guide for the best 11.11 deals

Singles Day at AliExpress is undoubtedly the most popular sale you will find on the site. If you see the numbers 11.11, you know what time it is. A lot of products get sold out in hours, because they are sold for just a fraction of the normal selling price.

Buy guide to the best deals with Singles Day at AliExpress 2020

The 11.11 deals on AliExpress are coming up, and you are completely ready to take advantage of the high discounts. In that case you are right where you should be. I am going to tell you how to get the most out of the best Singles Day deals on AliExpress.

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What is Singles Day on AliExpress?

Singles Day is the commercial counterpart of Valentine’s Day. It once originated because before there was a day only for lovers, on which they could buy products with big discounts, but singles didn’t have these options. It was from this ‘inequality’ that China came up with Singles Day. A day, and nowadays almost a whole week, full of huge discounts on large quantities of products.

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When is Singles Day?

Singles Day – of course – didn’t just get a random date when the ‘holiday’ was conceived. In fact, the date was not out of the blue at all. A single is on its own of course, which makes 11.11 an ideal day to put singles in the spotlight, with four ones in a row. Because despite the fact that singles are alone, of course we are always alone together.

Because Singles Day has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, the 11.11 sale at AliExpress is now spread over several days. Each phase of Singles Day has a different meaning. For example, you can start collecting products in your shopping cart a week in advance. You will already receive points for this, which you can use to get an extra discount during Singles Day itself.

You can also play games before Singles Day, to earn the so-called coupons that give you even more discount on your products. When it’s 11.11 and you are ready to collect the discounted products, you can check out your shopping basket and claim the discounts.

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What are the best products to buy during the 11.11 sale?

During Singles Day tens of thousands of products have been discounted. So it is impossible to say which products are best to buy. Still, there are a number of categories with products on which you can score high discounts.

Consumer electronics
Do you want to create a smarthome, buy a drone, or maybe buy a beamer to simulate a home theater? During the 11.11 sale you sometimes score these kinds of products for more than 50% cheaper than normal. And that means a saving huge amounts of money, because these kind of products are normally not thát cheap!

You never have enough clothes. That’s why it’s so nice that it costs almost nothing at AliExpress. And you know what is the best thing? During the AliExpress Singles Day sale, some clothes are more than 75% discounted, sometimes even going up to 90%!.

What if you want to look nice, but for even less money? You have that option by hunting for cosmetics during the 11.11 sale at AliExpress. Nail polish, smart mirrors and many other items can bought during this sale for only a fraction of the regular price. A good moment to buy tons of new products, so you can use them in the next couple of months.

Are products really cheaper during the AliExpress Singles Day sale?

Today’s consumers are not so easily persuaded by discounts. We now know that some shops only give discounts after they have pushed prices up in the weeks before. So in the end you don’t get any discount at all.

Luckily, there are many products on Singles Day on which you’ll just get high discounts. We always see a huge number of products for which the price is really a lot lower than normal. Of course you have to pay attention. If you specifically want to buy something, keep an eye on the price of the product as early as possible. Is there more than one supplier? Compare them with each other. This way you can be sure that you’re not just buying something with a high discount, but also something that is actually cheap.

Tips for scoring Singles Day bargains on AliExpress

If you want to score the best deals on Singles Day, we recommend using the tips below. They’ll help you get the most out of your purchases, so sometimes you can get 10-20% extra discount on your products.

Join the Coupon Rain and other games
The Coupon Rain is a great possibility to get even more discounts. By adding coupons to your shopping cart, the price of a product sometimes drops by a few Dollars. AliExpress also offers you the opportunity to play other games, with which you can win coupons or collect credits.

Place your favorite products in your shopping basket on time
Before the start of Singles Day you have the possibility to put your products in your shopping basket. That may not seem extra advantageous, but it is. You can score points again by collecting your products in advance, so you can buy coupons from your points. Starting to select products on time can give you extra discount.

Compare providers
When you see a 50% discount, that seems like a lot. But don’t hit the ‘buy’ button just yet. There are several providers on AliExpress, each with their own discounts. The 50% discount may seem interesting, but who knows, the same product might have 40% discount somewhere else and without shipping costs. So that can be cheaper than buying the other product with the high discount.

Order quickly when discounts are activated
Singles Day at AliExpress is not just a sale. It is the biggest sale that exists on the site. That means that people around the world order the products that have discounts. Make no mistake about the numbers that are still available. A stock of 10.000 products can be sold out in hours with the 60 million active shoppers on AliEcpress. TO by placing the products in your shopping cart in advance, you get a head start on all those other shoppers.

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