AliExpress coupons: 3 coupons to shop with discounts on Ali

AliExpress Coupons

AliExpress of course already offers huge discounts on standard retail prices. But even then it is still possible to use AliExpress coupons for extra discounts. When you log in, the discount coupons almost literally fly around your ears every now and then, while they do not come with the checkout as standard. That is why I am going to tell you how to find and use AliExpress coupons.

Three different types of coupons on AliExpress

AliExpress is a very special webshop with millions of articles. But the promo codes and coupons on AliExpress aren’t all exactly the same and can’t be used for every product. Below you will find a short explanation about the different coupons. Then you will never buy anything on Ali for more money than needed.

Read the explanation about coupons on AliExpress yourself

1. AliExpress Coupons

AliExpress Coupon

The AliExpress coupons are coupons from AliExpress itself. You can use them at checkout for the whole shopping cart, and you don’t need to buy any special products for which the discount applies. However, you often have to spend a minimum amount to take advantage of the discount. For example, you will get a $2.00 discount if you spend at least $15.00.

The regular AliExpress coupons are not always available. You can often get them when there are promotions, like 11.11, Black Friday or an anniversary, sale or holiday. You will see which coupons you can collect immediately after logging in.

Often in times like these you can also play the game Coupon Rain. You can earn AliExpress coupons, but you can also get the other two coupons I will mention later on in the article.

Check here which AliExpress coupons you already have in your account and are still valid.

2. AliExpress Select Coupons

Select Coupon AliExpress

Then there are AliExpress Select Coupons. These are similar to the regular AliExpress Coupons, but there is one big difference. These coupons can only be used in selected stores on Ali.

This means that you need to look closely at whether a product qualifies for the Select Coupon or not.

Both AliExpress itself, as well as shop sellers can issue the Select Coupons. An advantage of these coupons is that they often give a little more discount on products than the standard discount coupons. Often you can get a 2 euro/dollar discount on a specific product.

Check here if you have AliExpress Select Coupons in your account that are still valid.

3. Store coupons

Store coupon AliExpress

Shops can also give away specific coupons. For example, Xiaomi is a popular brand that often gives away discount coupons for its own official store on AliExpress.

These coupons can only be used in that specific store, so it’s useful to look for these coupons in a very targeted way when you need something.

In the image below you can see that the discount, especially at higher amounts, can be really huge. If you want a coupon, you first have to click on ‘Get coupon’. You can then find it here until it expires.

AliExpress Coupons

Bonus: buy products for €/$ 0,01 with a new account

It seems a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? Buying a product on AliExpress for 1 cent. But you do have that possibility. There is a page for new users, where you can see which products you can get ‘for free’ by using a promo code on Ali. With such an account – what you’ve created – you can choose something that’s almost free. Please note: according to the AliExpress rules you can only use the discount if you don’t have another account yet.

If you search well, it should almost always be possible to buy items with coupons. Especially when there are actions of AliExpress itself, like November 11th with Singes Day, Black Friday or Chinese New Year, it literally rains coupon codes. So always keep in mind if there might be a holiday coming up. It can just give you a few percent in extra discounts, which is always a very nice extra to get for free.


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