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Would you like to speak to Zaful’s customer service team? Well, you can! On this page, we give you the ins and outs so you can get in touch with Zaful as soon as possible. Good luck!

Zaful contact

Zaful is a nice webshop with all kinds of beautiful clothes. But what if your order is not as it should be, or you have other problems? It is always nice to speak to someone from the company. Therefore, we list how you can contact Zaful customer service:

  • FAQ page
  • Inquiry form via the website
  • Call
  • Live-chat
  • Social media

Generally, Zaful’s customer service is prompt and there are plenty of ways to contact them. Read on for a brief overview and an explanation for each possible way to contact them.

English customer service

Zaful offers its customer service in 9 languages. This may not include your language, so your customer service contact may talk in English. Therefore, prepare yourself if you are having trouble with speaking English.

Also, Zaful’s website is not available in all languages. This is a point where we think Zaful can still improve. The website can be visited in 11 different languages including English, Spanish, German and French. So if you are proficient in one of these languages, you can also go to these websites of Zaful to shop. Otherwise, you will have to settle with the English page.

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FAQ page

As a very first option, Zaful’s FAQ page is quite useful. It is an interactive FAQ page, where you indicate in what category your question belongs. By constantly making a choice between different options, you can quickly find your question. In this way, you don’t have to read a complete FAQ page, which is sometimes the case with other web shops. Very convenient!

At the bottom of the FAQ page, you will get advice on your situation. This is an automatic advice based on the choices you have made. You can get four pieces of advice: contact us through Facebook Messenger, send a question through the website, use the Live chat on the website or call customer service.

Personally, we really like the advice at the end of the FAQ page, because you immediately know what you have to do!

Zaful’s phone number

Zaful has a telephone customer service where you can go with all your questions. Good to know: also the phone customer service of Zaful is only in English. So prepare yourself to ask your questions in English if English is not your native language!

The international phone number for Zaful’s customer service is: +(001)-360-824-5022. In fact, you are calling to the US. The phone number is available from 7:00am and 7:00pm EST. Calling from Europe you have to take into account the US office hours, so call between 13:00h and 01:00h CET (1:00am and 1:00pm CET)

Zaful’s email

Unfortunately, it is not possible to email Zaful. The website does not indicate the reason for this either. So you’d better reach the customer service in another way.

You can also ask a question on the website of Zaful. This way of contacting them is most similar to emailing them. Read on below for more information on this!

Inquiry Form

If you have a question for Zaful, you can leave it on the website in a question form. You do this by choosing ”Submit a Ticket” at the bottom of the FAQ page. You will then be redirected to another page where you can describe your question.

Zaful return policy ticket

On this new page you give as much information as possible about your question and your order. You can give them, for example, the number of your order so that they can immediately look up the order you are having difficulties with.

You will also have to select the type of question you have. As well, you can attach files such as photos. Next, you’ll have to provide your first and last name (and of course prove that you are not a robot). Type your question and send it in, hopefully you will get an answer from Zaful soon!

Zaful contact

Zaful’s chat

On Zaful’s website you will also find a live chat feature that helps you in English. The live chat works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We tested this chat and received an answer within 2 minutes and were completely helped within 4 minutes. So the live chat goes very easy and fast!

Zaful contact chat

Contact via social media

Zaful is also active on social media. Here too, they provide customer service. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They do the best they can to answer all your questions through these channels. The only difference with the live chat on the website is the medium you use! So you should choose the platform that works best for you.

Zaful itself recommends Facebook Messenger for customer service contact, so if you don’t have a preferred social media platform, we suggest this one for the most fast replies. If it still takes a long time to get a response here, you can always use one of the other contact possibilities.

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