SHEIN points: all on the popular point system (+3 tips)

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With SHEIN, you are able to collect points that give you a discount on your next order. Quite awesome, right? But how do SHEIN points work? And what do you get points for? We have figured it out for you.

What are SHEIN points?

The popular online store SHEIN awards you points when you perform various actions. For example, you get 1 point for every dollar you spend on the website. Also actions such as writing a review will earn you points.

These SHEIN points will be accumulated in your account. Once you place your next order, you can choose to use the points as a method of payment. The principle is that 100 points are equal to $1. You are able to pay up to 70% of an order with your SHEIN points. This means that you will always have to pay for a part of the order yourself.

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How do you get SHEIN points?

Below, you can find a list of actions that will earn you SHEIN points.

ActionNumber of points
Placing orders on SHEIN1 point for every dollar you spend
Write a review about your orders5 points
Write a review with more information about sizes2 extra points
Write a review including photos10 points
Earning SHEIN points

You can only write reviews of products you have ordered yourself. This way, SHEIN makes sure the reviews remain honest and reliable. Besides these actions, there are several other initiatives that could use some additional explanation. You can find them clearly explained underneath.

Read more about the current distribution of points.

Confirm your e-mail address

When you are registered on SHEIN’s website, the site asks you to confirm your email address. When you do this, you will receive a one-time bonus of 100 points. A kind of welcome bonus. But be careful: these 100 points can only be redeemed in the first 4 months after registration.

SHEIN points by logging in daily

This is perhaps the easiest way to collect SHEIN points. By logging into your account (on the website or in the app) every day, you will receive points. This way SHEIN tries to keep you on the app every day, hoping you’ll place more orders.

The point count works upwards. If you log in 3 days in a row, on the third day you get 3 points. On the seventh consecutive day you will receive 7 points, on day 8 you will receive 1 point again and the counting starts over.

TIP: you can turn on push notifications from the app. That way, you’ll get a reminder to log into the app every day, and your points will add up quickly!

Outfit contests

We think SHEIN’s outfit contests are pretty extraordinary: we don’t know of any other fashion stores that organize such online competitions. In an outfit contest, you upload a picture of your best outfit within a certain time frame. A jury judges who has put together the best outfit and wins the contest.

Once the contest is over, the users at the top receive 12 points. There is another possibility to earn extra points, in case your outfit really stands out. You can then be selected as an ‘Editor’s Fave’ or ‘Editor’s Pick’. But to achieve this, your outfit will really have to stand out!

Show contests

Another type of contest to earn SHEIN points is a show contest. In a show contest, you make posts based on a theme created by SHEIN. Each post you make in this theme earns you 5 points.

It is also possible that your post is selected to be featured, where SHEIN uses the post to advertise in the app, for example. If your post is selected, you will receive a bonus of 50 points!

SHEIN live

SHEIN also regularly streams a live stream. Guess what: watching this live stream makes you earn points as well! During these live streams, points are distributed randomly. So make sure you pay attention, in order to score extra points.

Daily limit of SHEIN points

Thanks to all these actions, you can collect a very high number of points in one day. SHEIN has set a daily limit on the number of points you can obtain in a day. The rules regarding the daily limit are as follows:

  • In one day, a SHEIN user can receive up to 8000 SHEIN points;
  • Of these, a maximum of 2000 points can come from commenting posts;
  • 500 points is the maximum points you can receive from events;
  • For completing surveys, you can receive a maximum of 200 points per day;
  • You can collect a maximum of 100 points per day by logging into your account.

When you have reached the maximum number of points in one day, you can still perform actions such as participate in events or games. The only thing is that you are no longer able to receive points for it.

Tips for using SHEIN points

In order to make the most of your SHEIN points account, consider the following tips:

  1. Keep in mind that SHEIN points have a time limit. When this expires, the points will disappear from your account. Which would be a pity of course! Therefore, make sure that you use your points on time to receive discounts on orders.
  2. There are also mini games that you can find in the SHEIN app. Are you bored? Choose one of these games instead of another app on your phone. By doing so, you’ll entertain yourself and earn points at the same time!
  3. The website and the app are slightly different from each other. On both platforms you are able to receive points per euro spent, but on the website you can only earn points by logging in, playing small games or taking part in a draw. All other options for earning points such as watching SHEIN live or participating in games are only possible in the app. Therefore, we recommend you to download the app!

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Frequently asked questions about SHEIN points:

How do I check my SHEIN points?

To see an overview of the number of points you have, log into your SHEIN account. Then, go to the ‘My Points’ page, where your point balance is displayed.

Is it possible to cancel an order I bought with points?

It can always happen that you have paid for an order for a large part with points, but afterwards you would like to return this order. If you take care of this within the return period, you will receive the SHEIN points back in your account so you are able to use them again for another order. If your return falls outside the return period, you may not receive the points back.

How do SHEIN points work?

When placing an order, you can use SHEIN points to pay for part of your order. You can pay for up to 70% of the order with SHEIN points.

How do you get SHEIN points?

You are able to receive free SHEIN points by performing various actions such as writing reviews, entering contests and logging into the app daily.

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