Wish buy now pay later: all about post-payments on Wish

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Do you want to order something on Wish, but prefer to pay after the purchase? You can! On this page you can find everything you need to know about Wish Pay Later.

Wish buy now pay later: how does it work?

Paying afterwards is becoming more and more common with online purchases. It allows you to receive and look at your product first, before money is deducted from your account. This can be very convenient when you are a little short on cash and prefer to pay for your orders next month, for example.

Also for orders from China, a payment after the purchase can be useful. It can give you some extra protection against fraud or mistakes. For example, paying after delivery can be useful if you don’t receive the package you ordered, or if you receive products that are broken or damaged and that need to be returned.

Wish & Klarna

Klarna is the payment method you can choose at Wish to pay later. It is an independent payment method, which works separately from Wish. You can also choose it as a payment method in many other webshops, for example H&M or brands like Calvin Klein and Adidas. Klarna comes from Sweden but has been active in many international webshops for years. Thanks to this payment method you can now pay after delivery at Wish.

Klarna only works with affiliated webshops or in the Klarna app. It applies to goods and products, you cannot use it for purchases such as trips, vouchers or tickets for events.

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Why pay with Klarna at Wish

Klarna offers a number of benefits to its users, and here’s a short list:

  • Klarna offers buyer protection to its users. This means that as a consumer you get extra protection. We will go into more detail later on this page, but for now we can tell you that this buyer protection is very good news.
  • The Swedish payment method does not charge any extra costs for using the payment method. This can vary with other payment methods. Well, good!
  • Klarna will always send you a payment reminder on time. That way, the app helps you when you might forget yourself.
  • Also useful: you will see a confirmation of your purchase when you have turned on your notifications from the Klarna app. That way you can keep an extra eye on your purchases!

Klarna payment term

When you use Klarna, you can order products without paying for them directly. When your purchase is shipped, your payment period of 14 or 30 days starts. This payment period allows you to try your products at home before deciding whether you want to keep them. It also allows you to return it without money being deducted from your account. Convenient, right?

If you still want to keep your order, Klarna will use another payment provider to complete the payment. If you (securely) link your bank account with Klarna, you can pay in the app with one click.

Buyer Protection

European residents get Buyer Protection when they use Klarna. This protection is offered to help you after you have placed an order, for example if your ordered items arrive damaged.

Part of this buyer protection is that if you don’t receive the products you ordered, you don’t have to pay until your order is on your doorstep. This is very useful for orders from China via Wish, as delivery times can be very long. Thanks to Klarna, you won’t lose any money on lost packages either. No wonder many shoppers choose this payment method for Chinese webshops.

Thanks to Klarna, you won’t even have to pay if your ordered products arrive damaged or if there is something else wrong with them. Just send us the proof, such as your order confirmation and photos of the damaged product. The Klarna customer service will then work with you to find a solution.

Klarna’s customer service can be used if the customer service of the seller, in this case Wish, is not entirely satisfactory. So you have no less than two companies that want to help you. Extra certainty that you will receive your products in proper condition!

Direct payment with Klarna

It is also possible to use Klarna as a payment method and pay immediately. This is because not everyone wants to pay later. By choosing the “pay now” option with Klarna, you can pay straight away but you are still covered by the Swedish company’s buyer protection. The best of both worlds!

If you choose ‘pay now’ for the first time, you might have to fill out your IBAN information.

Klarna and mollie payments

When you pay later or receive a refund for a returned item via Klarna (when paying directly), you might see ”Mollie Payments” on your bank statement. Don’t worry, this is normal!

Mollie Payments is a payment service provider (PSP), which means that it processes online payments for webshops. Payment platform Klarna therefore uses Mollie Payments to process your payments. The full name of Klarna on your bank statement is as follows: KLARNA BANK AB via Mollie.

However, this applies mainly to Europe. Outside the EU, another payment provider may be linked to Klarna instead of Mollie.

Wish & AfterPay

Another payment method where you only have to pay later is AfterPay. AfterPay is from Australia and works similar to Klarna: you shop first, and pay later. Wish does not (yet) support AfterPay as a payment method. For now, paying afterwards at Wish is only possible with Klarna.

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