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You picked the wrong size, the product doesn’t look anything like what you ordered, or it was meant to be a Christmas present that ended up not arriving until March. Whatever your reason, you would like to return your product to AliExpress. Fortunately, it’s not that tough to do. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about AliExpress returns.

Returning goods at AliExpress

Returning a package always starts by contacting the seller on AliExpress and saying that you wish to return something.

In other words, you have to settle with the seller himself and not with AliExpress. So sending something back to AliExpress actually means sending to the seller: a small difference, but with important implications. I’ll come back to that in just a moment.

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What you should do first

Always check the product page of your order that you want to return. You can find your order here. Then take a look at the product page to see if the supplier offers the free return option.

So how does the AliExpress return process go?

As I mentioned earlier, when sending items back to AliExpress, you have to keep in mind that you are sending your goods back to the seller. That means that you have to contact the seller first. To do so, you need to send him a message. You can do that as follows:

Option 1

  • Log in to your AliExpress account
  • Go to this order list
  • Look for the product that you would like to return
  • Click on the words “contact seller” or look for a message icon
  • Type a message, post pictures and request the seller to accept the return
  • Wait for a response and receive a return sticker or other code that you can use to return the package

Option 2

  • Go to your order list
  • Look for the product that you wish to return
  • Click on “Open Dispute” on the right side of your screen
  • Indicate that you would like to return the product and be as specific as possible
  • Wait for a response from the seller

Are AliExpress returns cost-free?

Something particular is going on with shipments to China. Shipping to China is in fact very expensive but shipping from china, on the other hand, costs much less. Below, you can find out why.

Sometimes it’s free to send something back. This is a fairly new feature of AliExpress. Sellers can decide for themselves whether they offer this service or not. If they do so, you can return your product without giving a reason. You can recognize these sellers by their label “Free Return”.

Unfortunately, you will still often have to pay for a return shipment from Europe or the US, since many sellers do not yet offer this free return option. In this case, you will face a significant expense. Just sending a cheap phone case back to China can cost you more than $10.

As a result, it is only profitable to return something to AliExpress if it was an expensive product. Are the shipping costs too high? Then consider selling your product on Ebay. It often pays off quicker and you’ll be less frustrated.

Do you do want to return your product with the additional cost or take advantage of free AliExpress returns? Then read on.

How do you return to AliExpress itself?

AliExpress returns are a little more complicated than, let’s say, with Amazon. There, it is as simple as just carrying your package and barcode to a pickup point. Some delivery services will even pick the goods up at your house.

Unfortunately, AliExpress made the process a bit harder for you, but it’s still doable.

This is how you return a product:

  • Ask the seller for the return address
  • Ship your package within 10 days after receiving the shipping information. You can do this at the post office
  • Copy the Track & Trace code of your order to your account under ‘Add Tracking Details’
  • You will get your money back as soon as the seller has received your package

FAQ about AliExpress returns

Can I always return items at AliExpress?

Yes and no. Some sellers already make use of the 15-day return guarantee, but some don’t. I’ll tell you where you can see that.

Within how many days should I return?

You must always register the products for return within 15 days of receipt. Otherwise your right to return expires.

Do I have to pay to return?

Unfortunately, often you do. The cost of AliExpress returns is almost always yours. Very occasionally, you will see a label on a product that says you can return for free. These are exceptions. I’ll show you which label this is.

Can I simply return my package?

No. You must first get approval from the seller and then use the address information they provide. You also have to share the Track&Trace with the vendor.

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