AliExpress and Corona virus: is your parcel dangerous?

AliExpress and Corona Virus

The Corona virus outbreak has put the whole world on edge. The number of infections is increasing enormously and the death toll is also pretty high. So it’s time to find out if you’re in danger as well. Did you order a package from China, and are you curious if the Corona virus and AliExpress are connected? I’ll explain here why you don’t have to worry.

AliExpress and Corona; how does the virus spread?

As with many viruses, the Corona virus spread from animal to human or from human to human. In order to transmit the virus, one person has to be in (almost) direct contact with another person. For example, when you cough straight into someone’s face, or kiss them. This ensures that you are so close to another person that the virus does not die while spending time outside your body.

With AliExpress you have probably experienced that your package will take a month or longer to arrive. Even if you choose an Express Service, it will still take 7 days or more before the package arrives. More than enough to kill every virus on the package. On top of that, cardboard or plastic are not good breeding grounds for a virus to survive on.

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So the chance that you will get Corona via an AliExpress package is virtually absent. Even if your mail carrier in your own country has sneezed on the parcel in the morning, it is probably no longer contagious a few hours later.

Possible delayed shipping

As you may know, large parts of China had been quarantined for some time. Although this region by no means covered the whole of China, it is of course possible that the places where the factories are located were also quarantined. The same applies to transport companies and airports or harbors. The economy of many large Chinese cities shut down due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which may delay your package.

What you should take into consideration? I don’t know, but as soon as your parcel is somewhere near a post office that has been closed, it may take a few weeks or even months before it arrives. These are of course only estimates and at this moment we do not know enough about the possible consequences of the Coronavirus. As soon as we know if there will be a delay, we will let you know here.

On February 10th it was announced that several non-Chinese companies are allowed to restart their factories in China to create products. According to the official figures, the number of Coronavirus infections also seems to be stabilizing, which means that we probably can expect our parcel within a normal time period.

AliExpress delivery costs


Did you order a package on AliExpress and is it on its way now? Then you don’t have to worry as soon as your doorbell rings. First of all, the chance that someone infected with the Coronavirus has come into contact with your product is very small (China is a country with hundreds of millions of people of which only thousands have been infected).

And even if a sick employee would have coughed in your package, you don’t have to worry at all, considering AliExpress’ delivery times. You can also place new orders, without having to worry about getting the Coronavirus. Quite a relief!

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