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Squid Game costume

With sweaty hands on the sofa, you watched episode after episode. Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one ;-). The whole world is under the spell of Squid Game. Want to buy a Squid Game costume, a mask, business card or other accessory? To scare your friends, or to organize your own game? We tell you where to go.

Squid Game costume and mask

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Squid Game

The Korean series Squid Game is one of the biggest hits of recent years. Once in a while this happens in Netflix-land. A series really explodes. It was so bad, in fact, that the internet provider in South Korea sued Netflix because the internet traffic to the website rose to such an extent that the servers could no longer cope.

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There are also a number of producers who are not so happy with themselves. They saw no future in Squid Game and decided not to film it. The producer who eventually did film Squid Game is now the one laughing.

A distinctive feature of the Squid Game series are the costumes, masks and other accessories. They make the sinister story even more exciting. In this article you can read where to buy a Squid Game suit, costume or mask.

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Squid game pak

Buying a Squid Game costume

Whether you want it for Halloween, to prank your friends, or to binge-watch the whole series again in a Squid Game costume, it doesn’t matter. A Squid Game costume is actually a must-have.

Walk the streets with your friends. Playing games from the series, and of course not scaring people ;-). There are several websites where you can buy a Squid Game costume or mask. We have looked up where you can buy it.

First of all you can buy the Squid Game costume of the guards, with or without mask, but more about that later.

This recognizable red costume is the most popular, simply because it is the most recognizable from the series. And a bit creepy of course. There are a number of places where you can buy the costume. Here is an overview.

Squid Game costume

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Pay attention: not all costumes come with a mask

Squid Game mask

The mask is an essential part of Squid Game. The logos on the front show what rank someone is in, and are also quite similar to the icons on the controllers of your favorite console.

There is also a foreman with a different mask. All of these masks are, of course, very cool to have, although the one with the square and the foreman mask are particularly popular.

To complete your outfit, you can buy such a mask, but beware: there is quite a difference in price, shipping and the quality of the mask.

It’s also good to know that there are certain Squid Game costumes that come with a mask, so you don’t need to buy a separate mask.

Squid Game Mask

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Squid Game jacket

Apart from the guards, there are of course the participants. All 456 participants wear a tracksuit with their own unique number on it.

If you are going to play one of the good guys, it is of course an idea to buy one of those Squid Game jackets. These are also available with different numbers.

Hieronder een aantal populaire nummers:

  • Seong Gi-hun (main character) – 456
  • Oh Il-nam (old man) – 001
  • Cho Sang-woo (partner of Seong Gi-hun) – 218

All these numbers are available, of course, but you have to choose the number yourself. You also have the option of choosing a number that can be used on the suit at certain retailers.

Squid Game Jacket

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Squid Game business cards

The business cards in Squid Game are required to progress in the game. Fun fact: the phone number on the business cards in the series is real. The producer didn’t think twice about choosing a number. An inactive one for example.

As a result, there is now a Korean man who gets thousands of calls a day from people who really call the number! That is a bit of a problem for that man.

Do you also want to buy the Squid Game business cards? Of course you can, to complete your outfit. Especially nice for dress parties, or as decoration at theme parties.

This is a good place to get your cards very cheap:

Squid Game Jacket

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What should you look for when buying a Squid Game costume or mask?

Before you enthusiastically hit the order button, it’s a good idea to check out exactly what you’re buying. As with all products, of course. But if, after a week, you receive an outfit in which your cat can barely get into, you won’t be very happy about it.

Cool, though. A squid game outfit for pets. There is nothing for that yet. Although. With a little creativity, you can probably make something out of this for your cat, or Chihuahua.

Tips for buying a Squid Game costume or Squid Game mask.

1. Pay attention to the size. Especially at AliExpress the sizes are often a bit smaller than in Europe. Many sellers of Squid Game suits will mention the size, or for which size a certain costume is suitable. Pay close attention to that.

2. Look for reviews of the suits. Not all suppliers make an equally good version of a Squid Game costume. Therefore, the colour can look very different in reality. Customer reviews (especially on AliExpress) contain pictures with comments. Pay attention to this.

3. Buy from a popular supplier on AliExpress. Under each product you can see how many of them have been sold. This number is for the last 30 days. If you see 500 or more, there is a bigger chance your package will arrive. Especially now that Squid Game is becoming popular, you will see numbers approaching 5,000 sales in 30 days. That is also where most of the reviews on the Squid Game costumes and masks come in, so you can buy with confidence.

4. Be aware of the delivery time. Because of its bizarre popularity, it can happen that there is no stock once you order. It can also take a while before cheaper packages from China (AliExpress) are in the Netherlands. For a Squid Game costume or mask, the delivery time will be about 14 days, or a little longer. For cheaper packages like the Squid Game business cards, it can easily take 30 days or longer.

5. If you think: what is all this about? Then you can just watch Squid Game on Netflix and come back here afterwards:-)


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