Is SHEIN reliable: can you shop safely or better stay away?

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The SHEIN online shop is extremely popular, and we understand why! The cheap prices and yet fashionable clothing sound like an ideal world. But is SHEIN reliable? What about the quality and when will you receive your packages? We have checked it out for you.

Is SHEIN a reliable website?

SHEIN is an online shop for all kinds of clothing for women, men and children. Especially among women, the webshop has become a real rage. In 2008, SHEIN started in the United States (New Jersey), and now you can place an order in the webshop from 220 different countries. And it works!

In Europe and the United States, too, many orders are placed on the SHEIN website every day. What about the SHEIN reliability in 2021? We have checked it out for you. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a summary of how SHEIN scores on reliability, with explanations for each section below.

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SHEIN reliable? Reviews!

What we are very excited about regarding SHEIN’s reliability are the product reviews. On almost every product you can read numerous reviews, where you can read the experiences of others. SHEIN also encourages its customers to leave a review, by means of a points system.

The reviews give you an idea of the products you want to order. In addition to an average score for the product, customers also indicate whether the item was too big or too small. This helps you to choose the right size. It also gives you an idea of the products (thanks to pictures posted) or the delivery time. This usually says a lot more about the clothes than SHEIN’s product photos!

TIP: Only order products with more than 100 reviews. If you are still in doubt as to whether SHEIN is reliable or not, this will give you a little more assurance.

Customer service and the reliability of SHEIN

The reliability of a shop also depends on its customer service. How will you be helped if something goes wrong? Unfortunately, SHEIN does not score very highly in terms of customer service, and it is difficult to speak to anyone at SHEIN.

This is because SHEIN offers an online chat function as customer service, where you can automatically find the answer to your question. The chat function is very comprehensive and fast. Most questions or problems are therefore solved quickly, which is very nice.

Getting in touch with customer service

But what if you have a more difficult problem, or you can’t find the answer? SHEIN does not have a telephone customer service, so it is not possible to speak to someone about your question. There is, however, an e-mail address that you can send an e-mail to ([email protected]).

It is nice that they offer this e-mail support, but it is far from perfect. This is because this e-mail address is used for all 220 countries in which SHEIN operates. As you can imagine, this means a lot of e-mails, which can take a long time to respond to your question or complaint.

SHEIN’s customer service works fine, but still leaves something to be desired. Direct contact is made very difficult, and it can also take a long time before you finally get an answer. Let’s hope that your questions can be answered via the chat function on the website! Read more about contacting SHEIN here.


What makes SHEIN more reliable is its long return policy. You get 45 days to decide whether you want to keep the garment or not. This is quite a long time! Thanks to the long return period, you can try on your clothes at home and see what you want to keep or not.

The first return of one order is free, which means that you will usually not have to pay anything for the return of your SHEIN package. Only when you want to return several items from one order separately, you will have to pay for the second and third package.

TIP: return items from one order all at once by putting them in a shipping box together.

According to the SHEIN website, the size of the package does not matter for the return. It is better not to pack products from different orders to avoid confusion or delay. Read more about the returns policy here.

Sometimes long delivery times

What we are less enthusiastic about with SHEIN, are the delivery times. These can vary considerably. SHEIN states that their packages will be delivered within 10 working days (i.e. 2 weeks). This is calculated from the date of shipment. SHEIN also charges days for processing the order, this is about 3 to 7 days maximum. So it can occur that you receive your package after 17 working days (about 3 weeks).

This is, however, the longest possible delivery time. In most cases, your package will arrive sooner. The delivery times seem long when you compare them to webshops from your own country, but for a webshop that delivers its products from China, this shipping time is not even that slow! Still haven’t received your package after 17 days? Then read about the possible causes and solutions here.

Customs and/or import duties

There is nothing as annoying as placing an order and then having to pay more than you thought. SHEIN supplies clothing mostly from department stores in China and, according to its own statement, handles any import tax for all countries.

SHEIN states on its website that it will refund any customs duties on international orders for its customers. This means that you do not have to pay them yourself!

This saves another surprise when importing products from SHEIN.

7.5Expert Score
SHEIN reliability

Conclusion: how reliable is SHEIN? The shop scores high on clothing reviews, so as a buyer you have a good idea of what to expect. There is also a long return period and the customs costs are paid by SHEIN. Very nice of course! The shop’s points for improvement are the accessibility of the customer service and the possibility of long delivery times for orders. With a score of 7.5, we find SHEIN reliable with some points for improvement. A nice webshop to score cheap clothes!

Return policy
Customer Service
  • The chat function on the website answers most questions quickly and easily.
  • Customers leave many reviews, which gives you a clear idea of the clothes.
  • Long return period.
  • Any customs fees paid by SHEIN.
Points for improvement
  • Customer service difficult to reach, reply can take a long time.
  • Sometimes long delivery time of orders.

Want to know everything about SHEIN?

Good news! We’re here to help. On Chinafans you’ll find all kinds of guides and tips for the webshop SHEIN, so you know what to expect from the webshop. Besides SHEIN, we’ll take you to other Chinese shops like AliExpress and Gearbest.

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