i500 TWS headphones: info, review and prices

i500 TWS

Want to buy the i500 tws earbuds? Good choice. These AirPods alternatives are very interesting for their price! Want to know more about the earphones? I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the i500s.

i500 TWS headphones

If you look at the most popular AirPods alternatives, the i500 TWS earphones are one of the most popular options. Not so strange, because for an amount below 20 euros you get quite a bit of quality back. Much more than cheaper TWS earplugs that are sometimes a bit too cheap. But what exactly can you expect from the earbuds? I’ll give you a short summary.

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The i500 headphones

Let’s start with the properties of the earphones. The first thing you’ll notice is the resemblance to the Apple AirPods. In fact, they are about 1:1 the same when it comes to appearance. So if you want to buy cheap AirPods alternatives, you’re in the right place. But what are the features of the headphones? Here’s a brief list:

  • Replica of the original
  • Tap control
  • Wireless charging
  • GPS built-in
  • 3.5 hours battery
  • Automatic Pairing
  • Siri support
  • Bluetooth 5.0

As far as specifications go, you’re right with choosing the i500 headphones. Unfortunately there are a lot of sellers at AliExpress who see that the i500 are so popular and so there are some fake stores with fake reviews. I have found a vendor that does have reliable reviews with great pictures, which you can visit by using the button above, but feel free to choose another vendor that looks reliable to you.

i500 TWS review

What is the price of the i500 TWS headphones?

If you’re used to seeing the prices of the original AirPods, the price of the i500 TWS is just funny. For about 20 euro’s (25 dollars) you can already get a pair. According to many users these headphones are surprisingly good. There are also users who have the original AirPods, and find the i500 TWS headphones pretty close in quality. And for this price, that’s worth a try of course.

i500 review

At the request of many other China fans, we have ordered the i500 earplugs. Then we tested the plugs ourselves. Below are our findings of these cheap AirPods alternatives.

Design & shape

The i500 TWS earplugs are very similar to the real AirPods. From the case all the way to the earphones themselves, the design is very similar. For our review we bought the black i500 TWS earphones, but there are also white and sometimes even other colors available. So you can decide for yourself what color you prefer to be seen with.

Sound quality of the i500’s

What can you expect from earplugs that cost only 10% of AirPods? Usually not that much. Yet the i500 earplugs are very good for their price. You can expect pretty good sound quality, but you can definitely hear that these headphones were cheaper than some of the very expensive ones out there. However, for most types of music, the quality of the sound is more than fine.

I have an equalizer on my phone, which also allows you to adjust the sound of Bluetooth earplugs. This makes it possible to bring the bass a bit more forward, without disturbing too much of the other sound.

i500 TWS oordopjes review


For this review we made a 30 minute phone call. During this conversation the sound didn’t disappear at all. I could hear the other person well the whole time. I was also clearly audible on the other side of the line. However, the person on the other end of the line indicated that I sometimes sounded robotic for a few seconds. Whether this is due to the earplugs or the connection is not clear.

Should I buy the i500’s?

I must say that I am positively surprised about these i500 TWS earplugs. If you are looking for earplugs of reasonable quality, I would definitely choose them. The build quality seems solid, the earplugs fall well into the ears and the sound is also better than you expect from earplugs for this price.

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