How long does AliExpress shipping take: after 200+ orders, I have the answer

How long does AliExpress shipping take

‘Two words, nine letters’: “takes long!”. Whether it’s a beer at the pub or an order on AliExpress. The wait is always too long. And although AliExpress is sometimes faster than expected, I’m sure you’re wondering: how long does AliExpress shipping take? After making hundreds of orders myself, I think I have the answer for you.

AliExpress: how long do shipments take?

Great. You’ve ordered something, or your mouse is just stuck over the payment confirmation. Maybe you even have to start shopping. In all cases, I’m sure you are wondering: ‘how long does AliExpress shipping take?’.

Despite the fact that you can never be entirely sure how long shipping takes at AliExpress, you can make a reasonable estimate. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t always depend on the seller.

What determines how long an order from AliExpress takes?

How long does AliExpress shipping take, and on what does it depend? Let’s start with the processes you can control yourself. Those are the country of origin and the shipping method.

Also, check out the best place to find out where your package is.

Country of Origin

Before, AliExpress operated solely in China. Nowadays, that has changed. Local department stores are popping up and even in Europe you can already find a handful of AliExpress department stores. Your shipment can just be dispatched from Spain, Poland or the Czech Republic and therefore takes much less time.

Sometimes the products even have a 7 or 10-day delivery logo. You can then expect your package to arrive in two weeks.

Are you still wondering ‘how long does AliExpress shipping take’? Well, if your package is coming from China, then it probably won’t happen that your package will get there in two weeks. Although shipping methods are getting better and faster, that’s just a little too optimistic. However, you can make sure your package arrives faster if you order from China.

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Two months longer waiting for wrong shipping method….

I, myself, have had experience with different shipping methods, and by that I mean exactly the company that ships the packages. Just as you have different delivery services in your own country, such as FedEx, China also has different mail order companies. I briefly explain them below.

Here you can immediately find the overview to track your package

AliExpress Standard Shipping | 15-30 days
This is generally the fastest option. Although AliExpress Standard Shipping used to take a long time, they are increasingly cutting down on that wait time. If you have the option to choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, I would do so. You won’t pay any extra fees and your package will arrive fairly quickly.

With this delivery method, you will see the expected delivery date at the bottom. In my experience, this is usually pretty accurate.

Cainiao Super Economy | 30-80 days
Don’t be shocked, but yes: with Cainiao Super Economy, you sometimes have to wait over 2 months for your package from China. There are even stories of people who waited 4 months for a package.

While those are exceptions, it should be clear that Cainiao is not the best shipping method if you actually want those cute kids’ clothes delivered before your kids are adults.

Cainiao also has shipping possibilities from Europe. Sometimes, it says a delivery time of 7 days. In that case, they are talking about Cainiao Warehouse Express Shipping: another shipping method, which is quite fast though.

Since 2021, Cainiao also has another option, which is called ‘Combined Delivery’. If you spend above a certain amount, your package will arrive faster.

That amount is around $10.

Other (paid) shipping options
In addition to the above free shipping options, there are also numerous paid shipping methods. In these cases, you often have to pay. Sometimes even AliExpress Standard Shipping will cost more, because the company offers Cainiao for free.

DHL and FedEx IP are always running extra costs.

Do you order an item of $0.80? Then the shipping costs paid at those parties are sometimes as much as 3,000% percent more expensive than the product itself. That’s the same as buying a car for $10,000 and paying delivery costs of $300,000. Yep…

Why does shipping on AliExpress can take so long?

There are several reasons why an order on AliExpress sometimes takes a long time. In most of the cases, it has to do with the method of transportation. A package that comes to you by plane can often be delivered faster than one that comes by boat. That’s where things could go wrong with your package from Cainiao.

Other causes are the enormous pressure on the transport companies. You have probably seen videos of huge mountains of parcels that have to be removed by the staff of mail order companies.

As more and more people shop in China, consequently, your order and shipping takes longer and longer. Especially if the companies over there don’t hire more staff to take care of the supplies.

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FAQ about delivery time of orders and shipments

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

The answer depends on three things: the country of origin, the company you choose and a bit of luck.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

No. Most products are shipped for free. You can even turn on a filter for this in the search results overview. If you want a superfast shipping, you might have to pay extra for that.

Can I arrange for my package to be delivered faster?

Unfortunately not, if you have already ordered the package. If you still need to place your order, then choosing the country of origin and the mail order company can make a big difference.

What is the minimum and maximum delivery time of AliExpress?

If you assume a short time period, you may consider 15 days to 2 months. If you buy something from a European, American or English department store, it can sometimes be 10 days. In extreme cases it may take more than 3 months.

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